This is a piano suite arrangement of the love themes from Rocky and Adrian throughout the whole Rocky saga (Rocky I - VI). These love themes are composed by Bill Conti and Vince DiCola.

This piano suite (±20 minutes) contains a selection of the finest love themes of the Rocky soundtracks:

i) First Date (Rocky I)
ii) Alone In The Ring (Rocky I)
iii) Adrian (Rocky III)
iv) Vigil (Rocky II)
v) Mickey (Rocky III)
vi) Stairs (Rocky IV))
vii) Anniversary (Rocky IV)
viii) Rocky And Son (Rocky IV)
ix) All Of My Life (Rocky II and VI)

Most of the themes in the above list are fully arranged for this piano suite.
The level of difficulty is intermediate. Complete 14-page PDF sheet music immediately available for download upon purchase.

Price: $15.00